EXCLUSIVELY for men and women who are tired of wasting time, and just want a custom, personalized blueprint to get in the best shape of their lives.

If you want to finally get into the best shape of your life and you’re tired of generic workouts you hate, crash diets that make you feel terrible, or spending huge amounts of money on supplements that don’t make any difference… keep reading to meet Kevin Weiss, an expert coach who can help you finally realize your goals.

Meet Coach Kevin Weiss

Hi there, I’m Kevin Weiss.

I remember how frustrated I was when I first got started, way back when I was only 12 years old. I couldn’t separate fact from fiction. I believed everything I read in the magazines.

As you can imagine: for a long time, I got nowhere.

But over time I had the chance to work with more experienced friends. I worked with a variety of coaches (some great, some not so great). I reached out to others to get the experience I knew I lacked.

Finally, I was able to make real changes in my physique.

I learned to separate out the real, proven principles that will generate huge physique changes for anyone… from the chaff that gets passed around as knowledge these days.

I believe any coach must be able to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk as well. I’ve won natural bodybuilding championships, international powerlifting competitions, and I’ve helped my clients accomplish incredible goals for themselves.

Every client I work with is unique and has to be treated as such. My past experience gives me a huge advantage and allows me to consider the clients’ needs above everything else.

Here’s the key to how I work:

I don’t have a “secret” diet or training program. I have experience in applying very basic principles to a wide variety of clientele. Some clients need to workout three days per week. Some need a diet with fewer or more carbs. There isn’t a one-size-fits all approach. Anyone who promises that is lying.

But approaching my work in this manner, I’m able to take on clients from all age ranges and all walks of life.

Generally, this means my clients share one common trait: a burning desire to succeed!

I continue to compete at the highest level of Powerlifting and hope everything I learn along the way about mindset, determination, and consistency can be passed along to every client I work with.

Whether you are looking to build strength, muscle, drop a few pounds or create a personal nutrition plan, I know we can come up with a plan to get you to your goals.

– Kevin

What Kevin’s Clients Are Saying

Working with Kevin has allowed me to challenge my own training philosophy, ensuring that the athletes I work with get the utmost quality training, just like me.  The amount of knowledge and experience I have gained with Kevin’s coaching cannot be matched by any course or certification. His skill set, knowledge and real-world experiences leave many clues for people such as myself, to succeed in the field of athletic development.

Darius S

St. Catherines, ON

It was initially Kevin’s no nonsense, straight down the line approach coupled with his impressive knowledge and skills that made me drawn to him.  But working with him, I can see how it’s even so much more.  He teaches you to train in a healthy, sustainable, sane way.  I felt that with him in my corner, I was not only fine tuning myself physically, but growing in strength mentally!  What I love, is the fact that he leads by example!

Alicia H

Nanaimo, BC

Kevin’s attention to the details of my needs and vulnerabilities, his constant close attention to my technique lapses, his capable spotting while doing some more challenging exercises, and his ability to change routines on the fly as needed on any given day well exceeded my expectations and is easily the best personal training experience I have ever had.

Dr. Mark F

Kelowna, BC


Hands-on personal diet and training

(…for LESS than HALF of what you would normally pay)

Let’s say you wanted to train five days per week for an hour with me as your personal trainer.

If you were to come to my physical training studio, my in person training rate was $65/hour, so that would be $325 per week or $1,300 per month. That would mean you would be paying upwards of $15,000 every year for personal training.

And yet that doesn’t even include the nutrition side of things. Personally, I always included nutrition and meal plan strategies for my clients when I was doing one on one personal training, but most trainers don’t do this (and of those who do, many, many of them are just not qualified to be doing so!).

Many nutritionists, after an initial consult fee of a couple hundred dollars, can charge $500 a month for nutrition advice, adjustments and consultations. That would mean another $6,000 per year, bringing the grand total to over $20,000 a year!

An Alternative, Proven Approach

When you use online coaching, you save money but still get the personal touch.

Yes, there are online trainers out there who treat their coach-client relationship like some kind of factory line setup.

That’s not me.

I refuse to sacrifice the time and effort I spend putting together custom custom plans for my clients.

I consider the relationship an ongoing one. I make tweaks and adjustments when they need them. (And yes, I’m willing to say “no” when they don’t!)

I don’t hand out the same program to every client, and I don’t just plug some vital stats into an Excel file or some online calculator.

Instead, I create plans that are suited to your needs, and then I work with you to make sure you have the best plan possible to achieve your goals.

Listen, there absolutely is something to be said for in-person training. In-person training has been my bread and butter for almost 20 years.

However, advancements in technology and my own experience have allowed me to develop ways around this: my clients have access to the custom BodyPerformance app, plus a database of exercise videos where I explain and demonstrate exactly how to do every single exercise I assign. They can look up an exercise demo while they’re in the gym!

Many clients also send me videos of their lifts with their phone, which allows me to look at their form and help them improve in small, subtle ways that add up over time to huge changes.

Online coaching, in short, allows you to get the benefit of custom expertise, without breaking the bank.

Put simply…

I offer my clients a VERY different experience from most trainers out there are offering!

How the BODYPERFORMANCE Process Works

Step 1.

Intake Forms and Initial Assessment

You will fill out a diet and training intake form to tell me about yourself, your goals, and your lifestyle. Lose weight, add muscle, be more fit, look good naked, whatever. You can mention your food likes and dislikes to injuries and current level of activity.  This will allow me to create a program and plan that fits you.

Step 2.

I Send You An Initial Diet and Training Package


I will prepare your customized training program for you keeping in mind you goals and limitations if any. Your plan will be made available to you via the BODYPERFORMANCE app where you can track your workouts on the go. The app will track your volume, projected one rep max, personal bests and number of workouts completed.


I will prepare a custom meal plan for you based on your feedback. It will come to you via email in Word format. You can then input your food throughout your day into the BODYPERFORMANCE app (via MyFitnessPal) where it will track your progress. The app will count your calories for the day as well as breakdown the amount of protein, carbs and fats.

Step 3.

Ongoing Accountability

I want nothing more for you to be successful and in order to ensure you are, I need to be certain that I am getting the whole story. I am not here to make you feel bad about your decisions, I am here to help guide you to making healthy choices while still remaining you and being able to still have a life.

Step 4.

Progress Analysis & Tweaks

As we go, I will assess your progress on the program. Depending on how your body is responding, I will make adjustments and tweaks here and there to help get you to your goals as fast as possible — safely. I’ll use the stats and info in the app, as well as actual check-ins and emails, in order to make sure I’m assigning you the best possible plan and approach.

You will have DIRECT access to me through the BodyPerformance app, as well as my personal email.

All my clients can expect a response within 24 hours.

A Custom Solution for Any Goal

Weight Loss

“I lost 25lbs with Kevin guiding the way. This is the easiest weight drop of my life, and I have tried everything!”

Renae W.

Muscle Gain

“If your shoulders don’t fit picture frames after four years of lifting, it’s a good sign. Next step: doorways.”

Leyla G.


“I have over 15 years competitive sport, coaching and training experience from Australia, Canada and the U.K, on professional golf tours in Europe and soon to be North America as well as being a physique coach myself. Utilizing Kevin’s expertise has proved invaluable to my physical development and increasing my knowledge base.”

Alex F

Are you ready to start your journey to a NEW you?

You can get started today for just $797 for 12 weeks.

No hidden fees.

No “initiation fee.”

Sign up today and get these two free bonuses

Free Monthly Skype Call

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Check in with me live, over Skype, once each month. We can discuss what is or isn’t working, or anything you’re struggling with.

Of course, we’ll also celebrate your successes, and renew your motivation for the month ahead.

Exclusive PDF Guide to Success

Value $29

Get access to an in-depth guide designed to help you get the most out of the coaching relationship.

This guide is not sold on my website, and is exclusive to my online coaching clients.


What if I can’t eat ____ or ____? Can Kevin accomodate me?

Absolutely, Coach Kevin knows how to make allowances for specific dietary restrictions, allergies, old-fashioned food preferences, and things like that.

At the same time, he also knows how to keep it real and be honest with clients about what kinds of changes will or will not serve their goals. For example:

Someone who just wants your money would likely respond to this as follows:

“Sure! Anything!”

Whereas an expert coach would be more likely to say something like:

“Well, we can make this change and this change. However, let me be honest, if we do the latter, that might sabotage your progress because _______. In your case, what we can do instead is_____”

What if I only have a short-term goal?

If you want to lose 20 lbs., that will likely take less time than someone who wants to lose 100 lbs. and gain 30 lbs. of muscle. The latter cannot be done in 12 weeks. That is not reasonable for anyone.

Also, progress is individual. Forget 12-week challenges. Forget 21-day challenges.

The benefit of coaching is that you have someone monitoring the progress of your own body – it’s not just you judging yourself according to some arbitrary standard. There is no standard for these things. Some people need a higher deficit to lose stubborn weight; others need to keep the deficit small and take longer in their weight loss in order not to experience side effects like weight rebound. This is what progress in the real world means.

The goal of coaching is to help you achieve your goals as fast as is safe and reasonable, and empower you to maintain your progress for the rest of your life.

What if I forget my workout or don't know how to do an exercise?

The app tracks your workouts, so you know when you’re on the plan or off it. Coach Kevin will also have access to this, and be able to adapt the plan and his coaching accordingly.

Indeed, he’ll also be able to see your progress – maybe he’ll see you’re ready for a new program already, or that your current program would benefit from the substitution of one exercise or another.

Within the app you have access to all of his videos showing the proper technique for each exercise. Yes that is right, his videos, he shot them himself to ensure you are getting the proper form for each movement.